How To Clear Cache on Roku Device In 50 Seconds (With Pictures)

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Roku are streaming devices used to watch different kinds of content as per user choice but some instances you may notice that content freezes on the screen or unable to play forward. In such cases clearing Caches on the Roku device is the only solution for this issue. 

Smart appliances run much faster due to the use of cache memory. A Cache memory enables Roku devices to process information faster internally. Sometimes during the information transmission the process may freeze, this is where you need to reset your Roku Device cache.

if your roku device freezes or gets stuck, You can easily clear cache on it followlling few simple steps, it does not require any special expertise or technical knowledge. 

Once caches are cleared, Roku works smoothly and efficiently like before just like it was when you were the new user of it. Here are the 3 simple methods to clear cache on Roku Devices.

Three Simplest Ways To Clear Cache:

A buggy and slow working Roku device can be fixed in a few minutes following easy procedures. 

Method 1: Using Roku Setting From Home Menu

Restarting the device in three different ways to fix the Roku device performance are:

1. Restart your Roku device by going to the settings in the Home menu

Restart your Roku device by going to the settings in the Home menu.

2. Home menu is accessible by pressing the OK button from the Roku remote. 

Home menu is accessible by pressing the OK button from the Roku remote.

3. Once settings is opened, follow to System and choose “system restart” 

3. Once settings is opened follow to System and choose system restart

4. Choose the “Restart” option and let the Roku device restart. 

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Method 2: Using Roku Remote

The second solution requires a little focus as a flow of button presses is required to restart the Roku. Follow these steps one by one in the following order to let the Roku device restart itself. 

1. Press the Home button up to 5 times. 

2. Press “Up” button once 

3. Followed by the “Rewind” button two times.

4. Lastly, press the fast forward button twice. 

Now wait for the Roku device to restart itself. 

Method 3: Using Main Power Supply

The last method is only to be used when the above two methods fail to provide the expected solution. In this method, just unplug the main power cord/cable and wait a few minutes. Then Plug the power cable again and let the Roku device restart. 

This method is known as a power reboot process in which a forced shut and restart is required in order for the Roku to operate again. 

Summing Up:

Any good device can immediately stop working or have a slower performance or freezing modes. This can be with any of the world’s top devices even. However, one should know the exact hacks to fix such problems. 

Being a Roku device owner, these hacks should be on the fingertips of every user and if these solutions still do not work, then purchasing a new device may be a better option since every device out-dates at a certain timeline. 


What is Roku?

Roku is a video streaming hardware device that comes in many forms such as players, TV’s and sticks. You can watch a variety of content once the Roku device is connected to your Smart TV with a stable internet connection. 

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Roku devices run on Roku software and there is no monthly subscription fee for it. The user only needs to pay the amount to purchase the device only. 

What makes Roku sluggish?

Roku is a latest technology device but its performance can deteriorate with time as every technology requires updates. It can have a freezing performance if the data on the caches builds up with time and is not cleared frequently. 

Furthermore, any virus infected software update can also slow down the performance of Roku or any new installed channels with bugs can be the reason as well.

What is the solution to clear Roku caches?

Caches can be cleared easily with few simple procedures. It involves a reboot and restart process that can  be performed by any non-technical individual as well. 

Refer to the article above to know more about rebooting and restarting the Roku device in order for it to function. 

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