5 Easy Steps To Setup Hisense TV Remote App(With Pictures)

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Hisense is a big name in the smart TV industry globally. It supports all major features and streaming support as per global standards. To comply with its brand image and international standards, Hisense has its own Hisense TV remote app. 

You can easily set up the Hisense TV remote app with your Tv by connecting your phone and your Hisense smart tv with the same internet connection. Then you can connect your phone with the Hisense smart tv and use the tv remote app.

This Tv remote app is a feature that helps the user to use its phone as the remote for its Hisense smart TV. 

Hisense Tv remote app gives high accessibility and control to the user to access its desired content to stream along with the menus and other sections of the Hisense smart tv.

Hisense TV Remote App Setup:

Hisense makes two different variants of its smart tv. Each of the variants is different based on its operating system. 

  • Android TV Operating System
  • Roku TV Operating System

The Hisense tv remote app can be downloaded from the play and apple stores. To connect the phone with the Hisense smart tv, both need to be on the same wifi network. Using the same wifi Hisense tv remote app and smart tv can be easily paired. 

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Hisense TV Remote App For Android:

Hisense android tv remote app is for the Hisense smart TV with an android operating system. The app can be downloaded from the app store. Hisense android tv remote app has multiple control options for your Hisense smart tv.

You can use voice assistance to search for content, a touchpad to surf through the options, a keyboard to search for your content, and play-pause buttons. These controls help you use the Hisense tv remote app to control your smart tv hassle-free. 

Moreover, you can also connect your Hisense smart tv remote app using Bluetooth. 

5 Step Guide To Set Up And Use Hisense Tv Remote App:

1. Download and Install Andriod TV Remote app from app store.

download android tv by google llc

Note: App Store has removed the Hisense tv remote app for some reason; you can use the android tv remote service as the substitute for the Hisense tv remote app. Android tv remote service is developed by Google LLC and is a great app. 

2. After successful installation, opens the Android TV Remote App on your smartphone.

3. Continue the setup process by accepting the terms and policy by clicking next.

how to add android tv

4. Give the tv remote app access to enable the android tv remote app.

hisense smart tv with google android tv remote service app

5. After the setup, you can see the available devices and connect with Hisense smart tv. Enter pin to pair your Hisnesne tv remote app with the smart tv.

connect with google android tv remote to hisense smart tv

You are ready to use the Hisense tv remote app as your smart tv remote.

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People often get confused between the Android tv remote control and the Android tv remote service app; both are the same tools with a different names. The remote app has some additional tools like mute and volume control options.  

Hisense TV Remote App For Roku OS:

Hisense tv remote app is a multi-featured tv remote app. It has some additional features like screen sharing and photo and video casting to the tv screen. With these features, you can stream Roku channels; you can list your Tv audio through your phone using the Hisense Roku tv remote app.

5 Step Guide To Set Up And Use Hisense Roku Tv Remote App:

By following the simple guide, you can set up and use the Hisense Roku Tv remote app with Hisense tv remote app. 

  1. Make sure your phone and your Hisense tv remote app are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Download and install the Roku remote control app from the Google play store.
  3. Open Roku tv remote app and continue the setup to launch the app. 
  4. Open your Roku tv remote app and search for Hisense smart tv. Connect your app with the Hisense smart tv.
  5. Select the remote tab and access the Hisense smart tv controls. 

Hisense Smart Tv Remote NOW App

Hisense has produced different series of smart tv that has different features. All of the series are not easy to connect with Android Tv remote or Roku tv remote. Series like P, Q, R, or S can be controlled using the Remote Now app. 

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Remote Now, the app can be downloaded using the Google Play store. When you open the app, you can see the list of supported series that can easily connect your smartphone with your Hisense smart tv. 

5 Step Guide To Set Up And Use RemoteNow App:

1. Download and install the Remote Now app from the Google Play store. 

Add Smart TV to RemoteNOW 1

2. Open the RemoteNOW app and connect your phone and your Hisense smart tv with the same wifi network. 

WhatsApp Image 2022 04 04 at 11.00.39 AM

3. Click on the Tv icon on your Remote Now app.

Add Smart TV to RemoteNOW 2 1

4. You can see available devices and see your Hisense smart tv. Click on Hisense smart tv and pair your smartphone with the smart tv. 

WhatsApp Image 2022 04 04 at 11.03.02 AM

5. Upon successful pairing, you can control your Hisense smart tv using your smartphone. 

Remote Now, the app has some additional features like Keyboard, mouse, volume controls, and other remote features. 

Hisense Smart TV Remote App, Next Generation Of Tv Remotes:

Tv remote apps like Android, Roky, and Remote Now are the next generation of smart tv remotes. The accessibility and ease of use are eliminating Tv remotes in smart Tv. You can find universal tv remote apps like Android Tv remote services powered by google to manage smart tv of all brands and manufacturers. 

The hassle of finding the remote of your tv is no longer an issue. Your phone is your Remote for almost every smart device in your home. 

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