How To Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung Smart TV (older models)?

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Paramount Plus is an American subscription-based video streaming application with enormous content from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel & Paramount Pictures, including the latest in live sports and news as well.

However, Paramount Plus is not available in the built-in app store of Samsung Smart TV of models that came before 2018; therefore, we have to use alternate options such as Screenmirroring or via game consoles. 

With new Samsung Smart TVs that came after 2017, the Paramount application is already installed in the “Home” section of the TV and a few other video streaming applications such as Youtube, Prime Video, Netflix, and so on.

 If it does not come pre-installed in the Smart TV, one can easily install it in a few simple steps. 

Installing the Paramount Plus App in Smart TV:

For the user who has bought a new Smart TV without Paramount Plus pre-installed, here are the few steps to get it started: 

  1. Press the Home button/ Smart Hub on the TV remote which came with the Smart TV. 
  2. It opens a section with pre-installed applications, TV shows, and other video content. 
  3. Find the “search icon” in this or the apps section that might appear in the top left or right corner while scrolling.
  4. Type Paramount Plus to be exact in the search bar and press search for the results. 
  5. The search results would show the Paramount application, which you can press and download via the download icon
  6. Once downloaded, the user can sign in with an existing account or sign up if does not have one.
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Once signed in, here you are to a world of video streams including movies, reality shows, comedy movies and shows, live sports events and coverage, live news bulletins, and much more! 

But what about the ones who have an older version of Smart TV that did not come with a built-in application? Let’s check the alternative hack to solve this restriction. 

Alternative way for watching Paramount Plus: 

Screen Mirroring can be the easiest option and does not involve any skillset or expertise. Let’s check how one can screen mirror or cast their smartphones to the Smart TV. 

Alternative way for watching Paramount Plus 1
  1. Make sure your phone and smart TV are connected only to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Download the Paramount Plus application from Google Playstore for android phones or App Store for iOS phones. 
  3. Log in to the application with the credentials or sign up if needed. 
  4. Now download the SmartThings application on your smartphone and open the home section. 
  5. Select the option “Add device,” and it shows the available Samsung devices from which you can select Samsung Smart TV. 
  6. A pin appears on the screen of Smart TV, and you type the same PIN in the SmartThings app and select Smart view to mirror the phone’s screen to the TV. 
  7. Now one can easily run their favorite video show on the Paramount Plus application on the phone and watch the Smart TV for a larger and better view. 

In this way, you can easily screen the Paramount Plus application on your Smart TV. 

Paramount Plus was launched on October 28, 2014, which is 7 years ago as CBS All Access and rebranded itself to Paramount Plus in March 4, 2021.It is available in English, Spanish, PortugueseDanishSwedish and other languages. It’s headquarters are in New York City, United States.

Paramount Plus has a subscription-based plan available in multiple countries. It has a seven-day free trial for the monthly subscription users and a 30-day free trial version for annual subscription users. The difference between free trials and paid plans is the advertisement only. 

Paramount+ Pricing Details


What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is a video streaming application with a massive collection of video content including movies, shows, live sports streaming, live news bulletins, seasons, documentaries, and much more. It has a all kinds of genres available for all the age groups. It gives a better user experience for people who love to watch video content of all types worldwide.

Does Samsung Smart TV support Paramount Plus application?

Samsung Smart TV models that came before 2018 do not support the Paramount Plus application, but the latest models that came in the market after 2018 have pre-installed Paramount Plus application in the Home section already; otherwise, the user can easily download from the Apps section as well. 

How to use Paramount Plus in Samsung Smart TV in older versions?

The users who have an older version of Samsung Smart TV that came before 2018 can easily follow a few steps guide to learn Screen mirroring or Casting to mirror their Smart phone’s Paramount Plus application to the Smart TV. Refer to the article above to learn how to do it. 

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