How To Fix A Pink Screen On A Computer (Quick 4 Steps)

fix pink screen on computer

A pink screen monitor problem is usually caused by a loose or damaged cable. If your computer’s screen has turned pink, there are a few potential causes and solutions. First, check the display settings to ensure that the pink color is not being caused by an incorrect color setting. Here are 4 quick fixes to … Read more

Easy Ways To Stream WYA TV On Roku Devices

WYA Tv on Roku TV

You can watch WYA TV on Roku devices with the help of the web browser. The Roku players are convenient to use since they don’t support the installation of apps. Roku players don’t have a feature that allows you to download and install apps. That’s why Roku devices are considered more secure than other devices. … Read more

Easy Ways To Watch MSNBC On Roku Devices 

WYA Tv on Roku TV

Yes, MSNBC is available as a channel on Roku devices. You can add the MSNBC channel to your Roku device by visiting the Roku Channel Store and adding the channel to your Roku account. Once the channel is added, you will be able to watch MSNBC programming on your Roku device. Roku devices offer a … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Reset LG TV (4th Is the Fastest)

reset lg tv

LG is a popular TV brand that produces some of the most advanced smart TVs. LG TVs are among the first TVs that enable smart TV functions in their TVs. Smart TV has revolutionized home entertainment for households with new and advanced entertainment features. LG TV uses WebOS-based systems that enable other applications to be … Read more

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Vizio Smart TV

netflix not working on vizio msart tv

Netflix not working on Vizio smart TV is not a big problem. Sometimes these things happen because of some unexpected errors or issues in the system. If you are facing this issue no need to worry you can easily fix this issue by following some very simple and easy steps.  Users often face the issue … Read more

Can I Cast Anything On Firestick Like Chromecast?

cast anything on firestick

Chromecast and Firestick have changed the world of TVs as we know them. Older LEDs can be turned into smart TVs using either of the devices at a very affordable price with just a drive stick. Chromecast is dedicated to casting videos and images on your TV from any other device while the Firestick is … Read more

Firestick Keeps Restarting – 9 Steps to Fix It

Firestick Restarting Issues 1

Your Firestick could be restarting contineously due to several reasons like using some unofficial cable, wear and tear of the micro USB cable, malfunctioning of the cable, inadequate power supply or hardware problem. If your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV keeps restarting, do not worry! Here are some ready-to-go instructions to get it fixed.  … Read more

How to Use AirPlay on LG Smart TV

How to Use AirPlay on LG Smart TV 1

Apple devices are popular for their various features. Airplay is among the unique features that Apple devices have. Airplay is popular for mirroring Apple devices to Apple TV. Besides that, it also mirrors multimedia content like photos, videos, audio files, and apps.  If you want to screen your Apple devices (iPhone and Macbooks) to Apple … Read more