Firestick Keeps Restarting – 9 Steps to Fix It

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Your Firestick could be restarting contineously due to several reasons like using some unofficial cable, wear and tear of the micro USB cable, malfunctioning of the cable, inadequate power supply or hardware problem.

If your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV keeps restarting, do not worry! Here are some ready-to-go instructions to get it fixed. 

Some techy stuff that you should know:

One of the most common problem solving techniques is an insufficient power cube (sometimes known as a “power block” or “wall wart”) that might cause Firestick startup issues. 

Some users, for example, utilise an aftermarket power supply block for their Firestick that offers 5 VDC (5 volts direct current) and 0.7 Amps.

As a result, the Firestick only receives 3.5 Watts (5 Volts X 0.7Amps = 3.5 Watts). Basically, you’ll need to utilise a separate power adaptor in this scenario (view on Amazon). 

All of this is addressed in the patches listed below. Google trackers may be found on 75% of webpages. To protect yourself, cover your traces. 

IMPORTANT: To solve privacy breaches and other problems in the Firestick apps you use, install a VPN on your Firestick. 

TL;DR (solution): Don’t be concerned! Simply follow the steps outlined below to resolve your Firestick restarting issues.

If your FireStick keeps restarting, here’s what you should do first:

  • Remove your FireStick from the TV slot by unplugging it.
  • You should now switch off the television. Try getting some snacks in the meanwhile before restarting it.
  • Plug your FireStick back in when the TV has turned back on and wait for it to connect.
  • Hold your breath and finally, turn on your FireStick.

This solution has worked for many of our consumers because it effectively resets the FireStick and reboots it. If this doesn’t solve the problem, other causes for your Fire Stick restarting without your assistance might be hardware or software faults. Regardless of the issue, the troubleshooting procedures outlined below should assist you.

9 Ways To Resolve Firestick Restarting Problem

If your Fire Stick continues restarting with your input, try these 9 troubleshooting steps at a time until you discover a solution that stops the restarting and keeps your Fire Stick switched on.

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1. Make Sure To Use the Official Firestick Power Block:

You aren’t utilising the right power block, which is the most common cause of a Fire Stick being stuck in a restart cycle. A 5.25v, 5W power block is recommended by Amazon. It’s always advisable to utilise original equipment from the manufacturer if you’re using anything else.

amazon firstick keeps restarting

2. Disconnect & Reconnect back Firestick

Wait 20-30 seconds after completely disconnecting it from your TV and the power source, then reconnect it to see whether the problem has been resolved. Unplugging a connected device can sometimes assist release or erase any glitches or software errors.

3. Remove any hardware extensions you’re using if you haven’t already:

 If you’ve linked your Fire Stick to a USB extension or another type of extension to move it away from your TV, the extender might be the source of the problem. To determine whether this fixes the issue, connect your Fire Stick directly to your TV.

4. Disconnect any devices hooked into your TV’s other HDMI ports:

 Another HDMI device might be interfering with your Fire Stick, causing it to restart again and over. To test whether this fixes the problem, unplug everything you’re not using right now.

5. Check Cable Thorougly or Replace Power Cord

 Make sure your power cord, as well as any other wires you’re utilising, aren’t frayed or worn. If this is the case, they should be replaced. You can even replace any wires that appear to be in good working order to check if that is the problem.

amazon firstick keeps restarting 1

6. Using the Remote, Restart Your Fire Stick:

Remote restarting, often known as a ‘soft reset,’ can wipe away any cached data or faults that may be creating the restart cycle. To restart using your remote, press and hold the Play and Select buttons at the same time until a restart message appears on your screen.

amazon firstick keeps restarting 2

7.  Check to see if the TV to which your Fire Stick is attached supports HDCP:

HDCP-compatible monitors are required for Amazon Fire Sticks. While the vast majority of TVs support this function, not all do, and using a TV that doesn’t support HDCP may cause your Fire Stick to reboot as it repeatedly searches for a suitable connection.

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8. Make Sure Your Firestick Is Updated to Latest Firmware Verison

Your Fire Stick may become stuck in a reboot loop due to outdated firmware or applications. Keep your Fire Stick up to date to avoid these difficulties and any security risks that may emerge.

amazon firstick keeps restarting 3

9.  Factory Reset Your Firestick:

To reset your Amazon Fire Stick, follow these steps:  

(1) Make sure any expanded storage attached to the Fire Stick is inserted first.

(2) For roughly 10 seconds, press and hold the Back button and the right side of the navigation circle in the middle of the remote at the same time.

(3) On the TV screen, you’ll see a popup asking if you want to continue or cancel the factory reset. If you don’t make a selection, the gadget will reset after a few seconds.

How to Factory Reset Your Firestick

You may also factory reset your Fire Stick by going to Settings, My Fire TV, and selecting the Factory Reset option.

Some people look for solutions to technically faulty problems, Checkout these 4 solutions to avoid stalling the process.

1.  Remove any USB extension cords: Using USB extension cables may make it more difficult for your Amazon Fire Stick to get enough power, leading it to send restart signals to itself.

To guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, disconnect any power extension cords and connect the Fire Stick directly to a power outlet.

2.  Check for a faulty adapter and replace it: A defective adapter is a typical source of the Firestick rebooting issue. This may be verified by using it with other Micro-USB devices. If it doesn’t charge them, the issue is most likely with your adapter.

This problem may be easily resolved by just replacing the FireStick’s adaptor. It’s a low-risk, high-reward situation!

3.  Check for a faulty HDMI cable: This problem has also been reported to occur as a result of a malfunctioning HDMI cable.

Any faults with HDMI connection might result in uncomfortable complications like this. You may test your connector with another device to see if it’s the issue.

If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to get a new HDMI cable.

4. Installed Apps Cache Should Be Cleared: If the above ways haven’t worked, you should go for the delete option that causes the FireStick to reboot.

Clearing your cache, which is essentially a library of saved data and files, will free up some space to let the FireStick function properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Fire Stick blinking on and off so much?

If your Fire Stick is flashing on and off, it’s likely not the mainstream problem as if it’s stuck in a loop of despair. The Fire Stick’s LEDs flickering off and on, for example, might indicate a problem with the video signal, the HDMI connection, or the refresh rate or quality.

Replace your HDMI cable, make sure your Fire Stick is connected to the internet, or alter the resolution settings on your Fire Stick to make them suitable for your TV by heading to Settings > Display and Sounds > Display > Video Resolution.

Blinking lights might potentially indicate that your Fire Stick is in setup mode, and the lights will cease flashing after you’ve completed the procedure.

What Can I Do If My Fire Stick Turns Off?

Many consequences might cause your Fire Stick to switch off regularly and on its own, just like a Fire Stick that keeps resuming. So, as usual, you have to figure out why your Fire Stick keeps saying ‘no TV for you today.’

If your Firestick keeps restarting, replace the batteries in the remote.

Low battery power in the Firestick remote can cause the remote to “glitch” and send a restart signal to your Firestick, however, this isn’t a typical problem. FireStick can have a few glitches in its system. Make sure you have the best ampere cells so that they can restart.

A very basic Troubleshooting for a Rebooting FireStick, this one is pretty tiresome!

If your FireStick won’t stop rebooting, we’ll go through the most basic troubleshooting options below. When the root of an issue might be plenty of things, it’s crucial to know how to apply techniques that address several of them at once. Fortunately, there’s one option right here that generally solves the FireStick restarting issue straight away!

But why does my Fire Stick always keeps restarting?

There might be some annoying reasons why your Amazon Fire Stick keeps going off and on. If the device does not receive steady power, it may power cycle (restart) without your involvement.

On a FireStick, How do I remove my cache?

To manage installed applications, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. You’ll then see a list of applications.

Select an app to remove the cache. You’ll see the Clear Cache option when you pick it.

To get the best performance, repeat these procedures for as many applications as you like, or even all of them.

Final Thoughts on Restarting the Fire Stick:

Now that you have reached the conclusion, I should tell you that if none of these solutions work, then your Fire Stick has an internal problem. In such a situation, your only remaining choice is to contact Amazon Customer Service, which is a ‘meh’ problem, but you have to do it in order to watch your favorite shows.

You might also try obtaining a universal remote for your Fire TV since it’s possible that the remote is the problem.

You may use your Fire Stick on your computer if you just want to find a different method to utilize it without having to figure out what’s wrong with it. See, you have the solution already!

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