How To Reset An Amazon Fire Stick Remote in 19.5 Seconds

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You can easily reset Amazon Firestick’s remote by pressing and holding different buttons. However, the exact method to reset the Firestick remote depends upon the model and version of the remote you have.

Amazon Fire Sticks Have Been A Popular Streaming Solution For Many People All Around The World, Turning Old TVs Into A Smart TV Filled With Hundreds Of Streaming Apps!

A very common problem for Amazon Fire Sticks has been their Fire Stick Remote’s poor functionality.

In many instances, the Fire TV stick remote stops working and you’re left with no option to even turn your TV on.

However, resetting your Fire TV stick remote almost always helps to fix the situation.

Let’s jump in on how to do that.

What To Do When Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Stops Working

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote stops working, there are three fixes you can try:

(1) Replacing its batteries

(2) Replugging the Fire Stick in your TV and ensuring it’s properly connected

(3) Resetting the Amazon Fire Stick Remote

If all else fails, your remote probably took a bad fall and is now in need of repair or replacement. 

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Which Amazon Fire Stick Remote Do You Have?

Until now, 5 Amazon Fire Stick remotes have been launched.

The first two (Basic Remote and Alexa Voice Remote 1st Gen) have different methods of resetting, while the latter 3 all share the same resetting method.

Using the picture or the features table below, recognize the Fire Stick TV remote you have. Then scroll below to find the relevant method for resetting it.

Amazon Fire Stick Remotes Differences

iskgtFol1X OYJVEouFDG1Ud1tVsOhUpKSLTTpgNHMtG2BQgEJUJUZ haop 4c4bWXGT m g87exPUm1PEzSGEbh1T bl JrtS194lsWICExom7M0yzWkfHwESnWMpDBkPZu ADN
Firestick RemoteFeatures
Basic RemoteOldest version. Doesn’t come with newer devices.
Alexa Voice Remote 1st GenVoice input without Power or Volume ButtonsAlexa Voice Remote 2nd GenPower and Volume Buttons AddedAlexa Voice Remote 3rd GenDedicated Alexa and Streaming Apps ButtonsAlexa Voice Remote LiteDedicated guide button, but no power or volume buttons. Affordable.

How To Reset Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote

Resetting Basic Remote

To reset your Amazon Fire Stick Basic Remote, follow the steps below:

(1) Press and hold the Home Button.

(2) At the same time, while holding the Home button, press the Menu button 3 times quickly.

Resetting Basic Remote

(3) Leave the home button now and press the Menu button again 9 times.

(4) Remove the batteries out from your remote, unplug your Firestick from your TV, and wait for a minute.

Remove Batteries From Firestick Remote

(5) Insert the batteries back into the remote and plug the Firestick back into the TV.

(6) Turn your TV on.

The Firestick homepage should appear (if you’ve selected the right source for your TV). Press and hold the home button for 40 seconds.

Wait a minute and your remote should be successfully repaired and reset.

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Resetting Alexa Voice Remote 1st Gen

To reset the 1st generation of Alexa Voice Remote, follow the steps below:

(1) Unplug your Firestick’s power or USB cable from the back of your TV and wait for a minute.

(2) Press and hold the Left button and the Menu button at the same time for at least 15 seconds.

(3) Release the buttons and follow by removing the batteries from the remote.

(4) Plug the Firestick in the back of your TV again and wait for a minute.

(5) Reinsert the batteries in the remote and press the Home button.

Your remote should be connected now. 

If it’s still not connected, try holding the Home button for 10 seconds and trying it again.

Resetting Newer Fire TV Remotes (Alexa 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, Lite, Fire TV Smart)

To reset newer Firestick remotes such as Alexa 2nd and 3rd generations or Lite versions, follow the steps below:

(1) Unplug your Firestick’s power cable and wait for a minute.

(2) On the remote, press and hold the Left button, the Menu button, and the Back button, all at the same time, for at least 15 seconds.

(3) Release all the buttons together and wait for at least 5 seconds.

(4) Remove the remote’s batteries and plug your Firestick back into your TV. Wait for a minute.

(5) Reinsert the batteries back into your remote and press the Home button.

If you use an Alexa Voice Remote or a Fire TV remote, the blue light at the top of the remote should flash now indicating that it has successfully connected to the Firestick.

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If not, try holding the Home button for 10 seconds more and using it again.

Common Causes for Firestick Remote Not Working

If your Firestick remotes still don’t respond back then you might be facing some other issue. Some other causes of the Firestick remote not working includes:

  • Drained batteries.
  • Battery corrosion.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Out-of-range internet.
  • Outdated TV firmware.
  • Disconnected Bluetooth.
  • Connection interference. 


And that’s all you need to know about resetting Amazon Fire Stick Remotes.

Please note, that if the remote you use with a Firestick isn’t in any of the names mentioned above, you should try the last method and see if it works.

Hopefully, your connections issues are solved now and you can go back to enjoying streaming services on your Firestick TV.

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