How to watch Hulu TV on LG Smart TV (all models) easily! 

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Hulu is an American-based live TV channel streaming application that is available in the United States only. However, Hulu application download is not compatible with LG Smart Tv older models (before webOS 3.5), therefore casting or screen mirroring is the way out. 

Hulu has over 75+ live channels and now includes content like movies, shows, dramas, series, and much more. It has categorized sections of content based on all genres easily available for all age groups. 

LG Smart TVs that have the webOS 3.5 support a pre-installed Hulu app in the Smart TV. If not installed, users can still download it easily via the My Apps section.

Easy Download Hulu App on LG Smart TV:

For an easy download of the Hulu App on newer models of LG Smart TV, users can follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Open the LG Smart TV and make sure it is connected to a working Internet connection. 

install apps on lg smart tv

2. Hover to the “Channel Store” or “LG Content Store” on the screen and click open it. 

how to install apps on lg smart tv

3. Use the search bar to search for “Hulu App”

4. Click Install and let it install. 

Install Hulu App on LG TV

5. Once installed, launch the application by logging in or signing up for the account. 

Install Hulu App on LG TV 1

6. Now an activation code will show up on the user’s screen. He will have to enter this code into the Hulu activation website.

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7. After this verification step is completed, the user is free to watch any content on their LG Smart TV via signing in. 

These are 7 easy steps and the user is ready to watch content on their LG Smart TV without any restrictions. 

What to do if Hulu can not be downloaded?

Hulu is not downloadable to the LG Smart TV new models because it is not compatible with the latest WebOS 3.5 (operating system). In such a case scenario, the user can still enjoy watching Hulu content. Here’s how: 

Screen Mirroring/ Casting: 

1. Download the Hulu app on the smartphone via Google Play Store for Android phones or App Store for iOS users. 

2. Secondly, launch the application by entering the credentials of the subscription-based Hulu account. 

3. Once logged in, stream the Hulu content on the smartphone and tap on the “casting” option showing on the screen on the top right or top left. 

4. It will start scanning for the nearby Smart devices. 

5. Select LG Smart TV and then start streaming your favorite content on the Smart TV screen. 

6. Android phones show the “cast option” on the screen and settings whereas iOS users have the “screen mirroring option” in their control center. 

iOS users can access the control center by swiping up the home screen of the iPhone. So the iOS users will tap on the screen mirroring option in the control center to start the screen mirroring. 

Using Streaming Devices:

External streaming devices such as Roku and Firestick are the best alternatives to use when your Smart TV does not support app-based streaming applications. These devices are connected via USB Ports of the Smart TV. 

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Once the device is attached, the user can access the app screen and search for Hulu App. Once the results are filtered, the user can download the relevant application and log in/ sign up to the Hulu account

Once logged in, users can enjoy streaming Hulu content on their Smart TVs easily connected through the Firestick

or Roku device. 

Now the user can easily watch Hulu with their beloved family and friends on the larger screen. 

How to Update Hulu App: 

The users who have Hulu App already installed on their Smart TVs can still update to the latest version of the application to have a better and upgraded experience. 

1. Open the Homescreen of the LG Smart TV

2. Access the “My Apps” section of the screen where all pre-installed and new applications are displayed. 

3. Open the Hulu app and click on the option “Update”

The App will be updated itself. 

In case the “update” option does not show up. One can uninstall and re-install the Hulu App for the updated version. 

Compatible LG Smart TVs with Hulu: 

Older models of LG Smart TV are not compatible with many app-based streaming services including Hulu as well, 

Hulu is compatible with LG Smart TV models that came with WebOS 3.5 operating system, NetCast, or newer operating systems. 

B6, UH77, UH6330, UH76, UH6350, and UH61 model types do not support the Hulu App. However, all the new Smart TVs are coming with the latest technology operating software which makes app-based live streaming possible, easy and convenient.

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Subscription Plans of Hulu: 

Since Hulu is a subscription-based application streaming on-demand content and live TV channels, therefore it has two categories of Plans available for its customers. 

Hulu (original Plan):

This plan only offers on-demand content like movies, dramas, shows, series, etc. It further comes in two versions that are Ad-supported and Ad-free content.  

Hulu + Live TV Plan: 

This plan covers all the in-demand content as well as live channel streaming including Sports, entertainment, and news channels. Disney+ and ESPN+ are included in this package as well. 

Subscription Plan Type With Ads Without Ads Free Trial 
Hulu $6.99/month$12.99/month30 days 
Hulu + Live TV $69.99/month$75.99/month 07 days 

Final Verdict: 

Summing it up, we finally come to the conclusion that Hulu TV can easily be installed and watched on the latest models of Smart TVs including the newest LG Smart TVs. 

However, if one does not own the latest models, we have the three best alternatives which include screen mirroring, casting, and using external media streaming devices such as Roku

Every problem in today’s world is rapidly solved by geniuses in the technology world. In the coming years, people will have a worry-free life eased by technology at every step.

Quality time spent with loved ones should be the ideal requirement of life and we can see now how apps like Hulu bring the family to one seating lounge. 

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