How to Sign Out of Roku TV and How to Delete Your Account Completely

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One of the most common problems that people have with their Roku TV is forgetting how to log out. You can’t just turn off your TV and expect it to log out. This guide will show you how to log out of your Roku TV.

Logging out of a Roku TV is a very easy process. All you have to do is to go to the Settings menu and choose Log Out. You can also log out of your Roku TV by going to the Home screen and then scrolling down until you find the Log Out option.

In case you are unable to resolve it yourself, this article covers 4 methods to logout of Roku TV with pictures to guide you better. We are sure that either one or another method will help you out.

Why Change Roku TV Account From Smart TV:

Whenever you change your Roku device, you have to switch the devices. If you are selling your Roku device, you must transfer your Roku settings to another Roku device.

Here are some important things to remember before you transfer your Roku account: 

  • When you sign out of any Roku device, your Roku account will remain active. It will not be affected by the switch. 
  • All the subscriptions and purchases you have from the Roku channel store will remain valid when you sign out of your Roku device. You must cancel the auto-renew subscription from the list of subscriptions you have on Roku Tv. 
  • Once you log out of Roku TV, you can still log in to any other Roku TV with the same credentials. The feature of multiple logs to multiple devices gives you additional features.
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How To Sign Out Of Roku Account On TV

Signing out of your Roku account on TV has several steps users must follow. Following are some simple steps. 

Method 1: Using Roku Website To Logout of Roku TV

1. The very step is to browse the Roku website,, from your preferred device (smartphone or laptop). 

2. Enter your Roku account credentials to sign in to your Roku account. It is essential to get access to your Roku account to process the steps further. 

sign in to your Roku account

3. Once you get access to your Account Settings Page, scroll down and search for connected device option. You will find this option at the bottom of the page.

This section will show you all the devices that are connected to your Roku account.

search for connected device option on rolu tv

4. Select the device which you want to remove from your Roku account.  

Remove the device you wanted to remove from the list. That device will no longer be available to your connected device list. That device needs a separate Roku account to get access to the Roku account media. 

Method 2: Factory Reset (Completely Delete Roku Data from TV)

If you cant manage to sign ou through website method another popular method to sign out of your Roku Account On TV is through factory reset. The factory reset method will erase all the data on your TV, including your Roku account. Besides the Roku account, it removes all the information in the account. 

Following are some simple steps to factory reset your TV:

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1. Open Roku remote home page. This page has all the options that will help you factory reset your TV. 

2. Select System > Advanced System Settings.

factory reset roku tv

3. Select Factory Reset.

factory reset roku tv

4. Enter the confirmation code and select OK.

Now you have initiated the factory reset option. 

After initiating the factory reset process, all your data will be erased from your Roku device. You can also do the factory reset from the Roku device.

Method 3: Hard Reset Your Roku TV Sign Out

In order to hard reset your Roku Device hold the reset button for 20 seconds you will see a pop-up that asks to initiate the factory reset; Select yes. 

In case, You cant find reset button for hard reset option there is another method to hard reset your Roku TV. 

If your Roku TV does not have a reset button, Then hold down the Mute and Power buttons simultaneously, unplug the power cord, then plug it back in. Now, switch back TV agaub and you will see the TV’s setup screen, release the buttons.

Method 4: Use Guest Mode (Auto Sign Out From Roku TV)

This method is beneficial for users that have frequent visitors to their place. To avoid letting them use your Roku content list, you can use guest mode. All your personal preferences will be hidden from the guest user using the guest account in this mode. 

How To Use Guest Mode In Roku Device: 

The important thing to know is how to use the guest mode on your Roku device. Following are some simple steps. 

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1. To navigate through all options and modes available on a Roku Device, you must get to the Roku remote home page. 

2. Once you get to the Roku remote home page once you get to the “Settings”. Go to the system and select ‘guest mode”. Now you are in the guest mode of your Roku device. 

3. The Roku Device will ask you for the PIN. Enter your security PIN for confirmation. 

This is how you will create guest user access for your Roku device. This user account will be used for guests. Once your guest stops using your Roku account, remove the guest user. You can again add a guest user when you have a guest.

Once your guest finishes using the Roku device, press the “Roku remote start button.” Then click “Disable guest mode”. The system will ask you for the security PIN, enter the PIN, and exit from guest mode.

How To Cancel Roku TV Account

To cancel your Roku TV account you have to visit the Roku website. The Roku website is the only place from where you can cancel your Roku TV account. 

Follow the following steps to cancel your Roku account 

1. Open Roku Website

First, browse Roku’s official website and log into this link

2. Sign in into Roku Account

Once you get to the Roku website, log in to your Roku account with your credentials. Now you can cancel your Roku account if you want to. 

Signout of roku tv 5

3. Cancel Subscription And Unlink Devices

If you scroll down the page, you will find the connected devices you have with your Roku account. Unlink devices which you want to cancel. If you have any subscriptions on your Roku account, cancel them all. 

4. Deactivation Document

Now find the document to deactivate the account, click on it and confirm the deactivation.

Once you click to cancel your Roku account, you will see a deactivation document. Click “confirm” to deactivate. Once you confirm the process, your Roku account will be deactivated. 

Signout of roku tv 4
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