blueberry curve 9350 hard reset

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To perform a hard reset on your BlackBerry Curve 9350, press and hold the “Alt,” “Right Shift” and “Del” keys at the same time. Release all the keys at once. Your device will then reboot and all your data will be erased.

You may also be able to perform a hard reset by going to your device’s options menu and selecting the Security section, then selecting Security Wipe. This will allow you to perform a full reset of your device.

Note that performing a hard reset will erase all data from your device, so it is important to back up any important data before you perform the reset.

hard reset blueberry curve 9350 by menu

1. Go to the main menu of the BlackBerry Curve 9350.

2. Select Options.

3. Select Security Options.

4. Select General Settings.

5. Type in your BlackBerry password.

6. Select Security Wipe.

7. Select Wipe Handheld.

8. Confirm your selection by selecting Wipe Data.

9. Wait for the reset to complete and your BlackBerry Curve 9350 will be restored to its default settings.

how to soft reset blueberry curve 9350 by button combination

To soft reset a BlackBerry Curve 9350, press and hold the Alt + Right Shift + Del keys at the same time. Note: This will reset the device without deleting any data. It is a good idea to perform a backup before doing this.

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