blackberry 8300 curve hard reset

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To perform a hard reset on your BlackBerry 8300 curve:

1. Remove the battery from the back of the device.

2. Wait at least a minute before replacing the battery.

3. Press and hold the Escape key and the “R” key at the same time.

4. While continuing to hold both keys, reinsert the battery.

5. Wait for the device to reboot fully.

6. Release the keys.

7. Your device should now be reset to factory default settings.

hard reset blackberry 8300 by menu

1. On the Home screen, click Options.

2. Select Security Options.

3. Select General Settings.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Security Wipe.

5. Enter the word “blackberry” in the text field.

6. Select Wipe Handheld.

7. Select Yes to confirm the wipe.

8. Once the wipe is complete, your BlackBerry will reboot.

how to soft reset blackberry 8300 by button combination

To soft reset, your Blackberry 8300, turn off your device, then press and hold the Mute and Escape buttons simultaneously before turning your device back on. You should see a white screen with the Blackberry logo. Once the device is powered up, you can release the buttons and the device will reset. If the issue persists, you may need to perform a hard reset by following the instructions below. Hard Reset:

1. Turn off your device

2. Remove the battery

3. Wait a few seconds

4. Put the battery back in

5. Turn your device back on

6. You should see a white screen with the Blackberry logo

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7. Release the buttons and the device will reset

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