blackberry 8138 pearl factory reset

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1. Press the Menu key and select Security.

2. Select Wipe Handheld.

3. Select the desired wipe options.

4. Enter the word ‘blackberry’ and press Wipe.

5. The device will now be reset to factory defaults.

6. Select Close.

7. Select Reset Options and select Reset to Factory Settings.

8. The device will now reboot to the Setup Wizard.

hard reset blackberry 8138 pearls by menu

1. Turn on your Blackberry 8138 Pearl.

2. Select the Options icon.

3. Select Security Options.

4. Select General Settings.

5. Select Menu > Wipe Handheld.

6. Select Continue.

7. Enter the word “blackberry” and select OK.

8. The hard reset process has now been completed.

how to soft reset blackberry 8138 by button combination

To perform a soft reset on a BlackBerry 8138, press and hold the Alt, Right Shift, and Delete keys simultaneously. Release the keys when the device vibrates and restarts. If this does not work, you can also try pressing and holding the power button until the device turns off and restarts.

If you require a hard reset, please refer to your device manual or contact BlackBerry support for further instructions.

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